Foster and Kinship Care Education Programs

The Foster & Kinship Care Education Program (FKCE) has been a part of SRJC since 1985. 

Our Foster Youth Success Program helps to support all former and current foster youth on campus. For many who have any spent time in foster care, the presence of a support structure can be almost non-existent. This program helps to provide a safe and comfortable environment, supplies, and other resources in order to bolster foster youth success.

 We Are Located: on the second floor of the Lawrence A. Bertolini Student Center, down the hall, past EOPS on the left.



We act as a non-traditional support structure, providing everything from:

  • $ per year towards your school books
  •  Priority Enrollment
  • Standard class supplies
  • Food during office hours
  • A weekly homeroom
  • People in the office, and the foster community on campus, to turn to for support


What We Offer:

Benefits of Joining

Outcome of Benefit

What Might Happen if You Don’t


Meet with a peer mentor


Receive guidance on how to navigate your way at SRJC.


Find out which pathway is appropriate for you to follow when you first start college. This meeting greatly helps you plan to meet with a college academic counselor


Find out about foster youth-only classes being offered and get access to them. ENROLL IN COUN 355


Weekly mentoring is available and on the level of putting homework and quizzes into your planner and helping you become really competent at organizing yourself in college

You feel lost, overwhelmed and/or miss opportunities because you didn’t know what was available or where to get it.


You take too many classes or the wrong classes and end up with financial debt, bad grades or both.


Regular counselors may not be aware of these classes or have the add-codes which get you in


You fall behind, forget to withdraw properly and get F’s which prevent you from getting future financial aid




Assistance with applications for scholarships and financial aid

New scholarships come up frequently that are internal to SRJC

You miss very easy college money

Assistance in becoming fully matriculated

You get to make use of AB 194: Priority 1 Enrollment (first choice of classes out of 30,000 students)

You get in the back of the line and hope to get your classes which often take up to two years